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As of today, most of the top revenue generating drugs, across the globe, are biologics. During our biologics market research

The “Top Selling Biologics Market, report features an extensive study of the current market landscape and future potential of the top selling biologics available for the treatment of a variety of disease indications.


As of today, most of the top revenue generating drugs, across the globe, are biologics. During our biologics market research, we were able to identify 67 top selling biologics (revenues equal to or above USD 500 million in 2020).  The manufacturing process of biologics is different from traditional small molecules. It can take up to 3 to 4 years to complete a clinical trial study for a single biologic, which leads to an increase in the manufacturing costs of these products.


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  As per publicly available information, the cost of manufacturing of biologics range between USD 95 and USD 225, per gram. In addition, RD costs associated with biologics is higher (USD 391 million per candidate), as compared to that of small molecules (USD 309 million per drug). Annual treatment cost is the annual cost incurred by a patient during the course of drug treatment.



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Large number of top selling biologics are targeting the autoimmune disorders. During our research, majority (15) of the top selling biologics targeting autoimmune disorders are monoclonal antibodies. In addition, Soliris has the highest annual treatment cost of around USD 700,000. The annual cost of treatment of Soliris is relatively higher due to the fact that these biologics target a very small patient population, suffering from rare disorders. Developers of such therapies tend to heavily mark up such products in order to recover their respective RD expenditures.


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