Last updated: Dec 20th, 2017


What PHP framework WoWonder is built on?

We don’t use any types of frameworks, the script is full pure PHP code.

When is the next update coming up? what is the new features?

There is no specified date for every new update.

Which host provider do you recommend for WoWonder?

We recommend you to use UltaHost

Can I use this platform in more than one domain?

With one purchase code you can use it on one domain name. You need to get new license for each domain name, please check Envato Help Page for more information about licenses http://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard.

Why I get 404 when I visit admin panel or when I logout?

Please make sure that the .htaccess file is uploaded to your server and updated to latest version.

If the file is exists, but you still face this issue, please contact your host provide, and let them enable mod_rewrite.

If you are using a VPS with Ubuntu Linux installed, please follow this guide.

If you use Nginx in your server, please follow the last step in the installation page.

Why I get 500 internal service error?

This may cuase due folder permission error, or apache issue, please contact your host provider and let them fix it for you.

I can't upload large files, I can't upload videos, why?

If you can't upload large files, go to Admin Settings > Site Settings > Max upload size and increase the value, if you still can't upload large files, please contact your host provider and let them increase the upload limit and max_execution_time.

I can't auto update my website, I get "Error found while updating, please update your site manually."?

This means your server couldn't connect to our servers, please contact your hosting provider, and let them whitelist the IP

If you still can't auto update your site, you can still update your site manully (Recommended)


How to setup the social login apps?

Where can I access the admin panel?

Login to the site using your admin credentials, then visit yoursite.com/admin-cp

Where can I modify the HTML tamplates?

You can find the layout files in ./themes/wowonder/layout/

The files extention is .phtml

Where can I edit the stylesheet?

You can edit the stylesheet from ./themes/wowonder/stylsheet

The main style file is: style.css

Welcome page styling file is: welcome.css

How to get Google Map API?

Login to Google console

Create new project, and enable those APIs: Google Javascript Map API, Google Embed API

Get a key from: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key

Where I can add my own code inside head/body/footer tags?

You can do that from ./themes/wowonder/layout/container.phtml

Where I can add more currencies to the classfied system?

You can add in ./assets/includes/app_start.php, find the array: $wo['currencies']

How to setup the video chat system?

Go to https://www.twilio.com/ and register a new account, and buy some balance.

Make sure SSL is installed on your domain/server (required only for google chrome, because chrome doesn't allow video calles without SSL installed)

After you loggedin to your account click here: https://www.twilio.com/console/video/dashboard

For "Live accountSid" click here: https://www.twilio.com/console

For "apiKeySid/apiKeySecret" click here: https://www.twilio.com/console/video/dev-tools/api-keys

Get all the keys and fill the fields in your Admin > Settings > Video & Audio Settings.

How to setup the PayPal payment method?

Login to PayPal, then click here: https://developer.paypal.com/developer/applications/create

Set your app name, and email address and click Create App

On the top right side, you can see two tabs, SandBox and Live, click on live.

Copy the client id and secret id, then save them on Admin Panel > Settings > Payment Settings.

How to setup credit card and bitcoin payment methods?

Create new account in http://stripe.com

Go to account settings and setup your bank account.

One you're done with your account info, go to API keys, and get the live keys.

Copy the keys, then save them on Admin Panel > Settings > Payment Settings.

How can I change the logo and the design?

You can change your logo, favicon, welcome page background image from Admin Panel > Design.

How can I create new themes?

Make a copy of ./themes/wowonder/ folder, rename it, open ./YOUR_THEME/info.php and change the requested info there.

Once you have changed the info, save the file, go to you admin panel -> design -> themes, and you'll find your theme there, under your theme name, click on activate.

How the affiliates system works?

  • There are two types of affiliation:
    • New user is registred.
    • New user is registred & bought a pro package.
  • What "New user is registred" means ?
    • The referer will get paid once a new user registred using his affiliate link.
  • What "New user is registred & bought a pro package" means ?
    • The referer will get paid once a new user is registred & purchased any of your site pro packages using his affiliate link.
  • When is the user counted as referred ?
    • The user will be counted as referred once he has unqie IP address, and if the referred user has not visited your site before (NEVER).
  • Can i test my affiliate link?
    • Yes, you can test it by sending it to new users. But you're not able to test it by your self, or by creating new accounts using your IP.

How to change the left sidebar icons?

You can change them from ./themes/wowonder/layout/sidebar/left-sidebar.phtml

How to edit & customize email templates which are sent for users?

You can change them from ./themes/wowonder/layout/emails/

Where is favicon.ico located in WoWonder?

You can change it from ./themes/wowonder/img/icon.png

How to edit PRO packages page?

You can add more info in ./themes/wowonder/layout/go_pro

How can I edit the footer menu?

You can edit the footer from: ./themes/wowonder/layout/footer/

How do I reset the trending hashtags?

You can do that by cleaning the table Wo_HashTags located in script database.

How I can setup Google reCaptcha?

You have to get a site key from https://www.google.com/recaptcha/

Once you got the site_key, you can add it in Admin > Settings > Site Settings > reCaptcha key. Make sure to add the site key not the secret key.

Which files I have to edit so users can comment / share on individual photos within an album?

You can customize that from here: ./themes/wowonder/layout/story/content.phtml

Where can I add or delete emojis in the script?

You can do that from: ./assets/includes/app_start.php

Where is the profile page template files located?

You edit the profile page from: ./themes/wowonder/layout/timeline/content.phtml

How & where I can import games?

You can add games from Admin > Manage Featurs > Games > Add new game.

You can import games from Miniclip, example: https://www.miniclip.com/games/8-ball-pool-multiplayer/en/

How do I remove the shadow for the icons as it is making them very blurry?

You can do that from: ./themes/wowonder/layout/style.phtml

Remove this: http://prntscr.com/gtrqlr

How do I remove the translate text in the post?

You can remove that from ./themes/wowonder/layout/story/content.phtml

How to restrict certain IP to access your site?

You can block from .htaccess: http://www.htaccesstools.com/block-ips/

Can you explain how the invitation feature works?

You send a link to a user, the user with this link can create an account on your website, even if the registration system is disabled.

How can I change the icons of the top header and for example: like, comment icons?

Header: ./themes/wowonder/layout/header/loggedin-header.phtml

Post icons: ./themes/wowonder/layout/buttons/like-wonder.phtml

How can I remove the opportunity to share posts within the portal?

You can do that from /themes/wowonder/layout/story/content.phtml

When I am trying to recharge / Replenish my balance for advertising, I get ”Client Authentication failed”. How to solve it?

The PayPal configuration are wrong. Please make sure the access keys are correct and make sure it's live or sandbox in Admin Panel > Settings > Payment Settings.

Languages & Categories

How to add a new language?

You can do that from Admin Panel > Languages > Add New Language

How to set the default language?

You can set it on Admin > Settings > Site Settings > Default Language

Where can I change the text in welcome page?

You can do that from Admin Panel > Languages > English > Edit

Where can I edit/add pages, groups, blog, and classified categories?

You can edit them in the languages files located in ./assets/languages/extra/

How can I edit the countries?

You can edit them in the languages files located in ./assets/languages/extra/

Mobile WebView Applications

Where do I find the source of 3 web-view apps included with script?

They are free, and you can get themhere: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzCjKyCYJRxTOUFNLTdoVlhOQ2M

How to setup the web-view apps?

To setup the IOS App, please take a look into this video.

To setup the Windows Phone app, please take a look into this video.

To setup the Android App, please take a look into this video.

SSL Setup

How can I install SSL?

After you have bought the SSL certificate, go to ./config.php file, find $site_url, replace your site url to https version.

How can I redirect my website to the SSL version?

Make sure you have SSL working on your domain, and $site_url is set to SSL version in ./config.php file.

Open .htaccess file, under "RewriteEngine On", copy and the paste the code below:

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R,L]

Node.js Instructions

Before we start:
1. We should make sure that nodejs is installed in our server.
2. Please open ./nodejs/config.json file, and configure your application. (MySQL, Site URL, server IP, listening port, Amazon)
Note: NodeJs is not required to run your script, if you are using shared hosting, or you can't get nodejs installed, you can still use the Ajax system (Default) in Admin > Settings > NodeJs

How to install NodeJS on Linux CentOS?

1. Install the EPEL repository

# yum install epel-release

2. Install Node.js

# yum install nodejs

3. Install NPM

# yum install npm

4. Double-check to make sure everything is working

# node --version

# npm --version

How to install NodeJS on Linux Ubuntu?

1. Update your local package index:

$ sudo apt-get update

2. Install Node.js

$ sudo apt-get install nodejs

3. Install NPM

$ sudo apt-get install npm

4. Double-check to make sure everything is working

$ node --version

$ npm --version

Now, once nodejs is installed on your server, next step is to install "forever"

How to install forever?

1. Login to your server using command line, and install forever globally using the following command:

$ npm install forever -g

2. Double-check to make sure everything is working

$ forever --version

Now, once "forever" is installed your server, we are ready to run our application!

How to start our application?

Login to your server using command line, cd /path/to/script

$ cd /path/to/wowonder/

Before we run our application, you need to install all the dependencies, to do that, run the following command and wait till it finishes.

$ npm install

To start our application, run the following command using the server "forever"

$ forever start ./nodejs/main.js

To stop our application, run the following command using the server "forever"

$ forever stopall

Important: If you have edited ./nodejs/config.json file, make sure to start the application again.
Note: When you reboot your server, make sure to start your application again using: forever start ./nodejs/server.js
Note: Make sure to enable "WebSockets" in Admin > Settings > NodeJs.
All done! your site is ready to go!
Having difficulties running the application?
No problem! We can configure it for you for an extra fee. You can contact us here: https://doughouzforest.ticksy.com/


How to update my website?

You can update your site automatically from Admin > Updates using your purchase code.

If you are not able to update your site thru the the admin panel, you can still update it manually.

How to update my site if I missed a version?

If you have missed one or two or X updates, and you want to update your site to latest version, you have to update your site version by version manually.

How to manually update my website?

First of all, you have to download the update files from your codecanyon downloads page.

Once you have downloaded the script, you can find the update files in "Update Guide" folder, as shown below:

Choose the update version, and extract it to your Desktop.

The extracted files structure should look like this:

If update.php file exists, upload it to your server using FTP client: /path/to/wowonder/update.php

Open the "Script" folder, Upload and overwrite ALL files/folders (SELECT ALL) file(s) located inside "Script/" folder to your server, if you have renamed your theme, please open "Script/themes/wowonder/" and upload & overwrite ALL files/folders to your theme folder. Example:

Once the files are uploaded, open and run http://www.YOURSITE.COM/update.php (if update.php file exists)

For more information, please watch the video below:


I got a problem, How can I get support?

If you need support, or if you're facing any problems, please contact us via Envato Support tab
Please note that our respond can take up to 2 business days.

What does the support include?

Availability to answer questions, Answering technical questions about item’s features, Assistance with reported bugs and issues, Help with included 3rd party assets.

Any customization request will be ignored.

Please make sure to read more about the support policy.

I have opened a ticket, but there is no respond, why?

If we didn’t respond to you more than 2 days, simply re-send your message, and i’ll contact you soon as i can.